D15B Write up

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In my own little world!
Making this for people asking about the same questions every-time... Its gunna be okish, hope it helps anyone with questions

Parts needed!

92-95 Shell EG... Coupe , Hatch or Sadan

P08 ECU or P28 both ECU's are vtec

CX, DX, LX or EX trany, recommend the EX transmition better gearing for VTec

Stock Drive axles
Some Spare wire
Lighter to strip the wires if you do it that way
Set of 92-95 mounts works just fine


Installing the D15B motor into a 92-95 shell is simple. It will bolt right up to you old D15B7 or D16z6 that you may have blown.

Assuming you have the D15b7 in the car you are worried about the harness.
Hitch everything up all the way, and your left with a VTec Oil Pressure switch and a VTec solenoid switch not plugged in.

run a wire from the VTec cylinder to A4 on you p28 or p08 ECU. Now as for the oil pressure switch, you want to run the + wire which is normally green to D6 on you ecu. Link is below for the pin out!
Swapping your manifold bladiebla

Now after that is all said and done, ground out you other wire off the switch to the - of your Battery or to the frame of the car.

ok, now assuming the transmission was installed right and everything your car should be good to go. Now the motor should have vtec kick in around 4,800 Rpm'S OR 5,000 Rpms... Now on a Virgin p28 it will Rev out around 6,800 Rpm's and on the p08 I dunno...
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good write up, you should send a message to pissedoffsol so that they can move this in the swap section for you, you should also go can and fix your typos. . .
i bought an acura el 99 with a 92 jdm d15 vtec. Since these car are vtec, does it matter if the guy who did the swap left the EL distributor & ecu in it?

What should i check to have better performance from this swap, since the EL is much heavier then civic hatchback or crx.

PS: sorry my english is bad :huh:
Well he left the EL distributor in there because the EL i beleive is an OBD2 car and the motor you have is an obd1.... also proably why he left the OBD2 ecu in it... honestly not fimilar with the car, but I would assume putting an obd1 ecu and dizzy on would require an adaptor...