D16a1 In 89 Hatch

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I have: D16A1 engine, ECU, Various (but not all) hoses, and assorted wires.

I know I need: Complete wiring harness from 88 Integra (the donor vehicle), at least one CV joint (bad to begin with), Injectors (missing), and 5-speed tranny (4-speed was originally on the car. Side note: After driving the vehicle 6 months, I STILL tried to put it in 5th gear! :rolleyes: )

What I need to know is this: What tranny will bolt up? Which CV Joints/hubs do I use? Any other fitment issues I should watch out for (i.e. AC Compressor, alternator, notch the hood supports)? Which mounts should I use?
umm, he didnt ask whether to do it or not...k, first of all, what car is this going into? my friend is doin the same swap, but into his 85 crx, and as far as i know, he said he needed a 87 integra distributor and ecu...so list what kinda car you doin this to, then maybe we can help ya...
Originally posted by farmer_jason@Feb 6 2003, 03:13 PM
dont do it

I am inclined to agree,the motor is older,and probably illegal in the car depending on location and the problems are going to be more than the end product is worth.If you got everything for really cheap,don't need the car while your doing the swap,and are doing it because of something like,the rex doesn't run,than ok.But IMO you'd do better just chilling out for a while researching more and saving for a motor that is easier and more beneficial.
I will have to add another Don't do it. Not worth it. the only other motor worth the time is the DOHC ZC. and if you are not going to turbo that then i would go B16A . The D16A1 only has 118hp. not much of a gain