d16a6 or d15b turbo build?

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Buying a 94 eg,pistons or piston rigs are shot.Car is ridiculously clean,Turbo set up was done well except for a couple zip ties.tien's all the way around blahblahblah.long story short a shit ton of money was put into this car.

I would like to bring it back to life.its to clean to just let rot away and my girlfriend only wants 2K for it.

I want to stick with the D-series and shoot for 250-300HP,I would like to build the block/head with a set up capable of 400HP and up,this way when more money comes in, i have room to play with it.Im also going to be using this as a DD.This is my reasoning behind wanting to build a block capable of more then im going to put it through.(Mainly longevity).

So Witch block should i use?d15 or d16.I have two d16's laying around.And whats currently in the car is a D15b.I also have two h22a laying around, but more then likely will sell them to help fund this project or to at least put some cash back in my pockets.

here is what i have for a parts list so far

rod bearings
head/intake/exhaust/oil pan/valve cover/TB gaskets
Tube seals
Valve seals
rear main seal
oil pickup gasket
timing belt
accessory belt(the ac currently works and i would like to keep it that way)
water pump
oil pump

Please feel free to add something i may have missed besides the obvious (machine work)

basically everything turbo related is already on the car,Fuel system is up to par Walbro fuel pump ,fuel pressure regulator all that jazz.But the one thing i did notice,I didn't see a resistor box and the car is running RC 750CC injectors.manual boost controller, t3/t4 turbo, wastegate and Bov .

So all i need is to build a motor!i was hoping i could get some insight. This will be my first build Im going to start collecting parts over the next month or so.

i was thinking Cp pistons 0.020" bore.9.0:1,eagle rods,have crank polished and balanced,Witch rod bearings should i go with?If im missing something please call me out ima noob when it comes to building motors, but i would like to pop my cherry!

So witch block should i use?
Resistor box is seemingly invisible?
Witch rod bearings should i go with?
will the stock sleeves be okay with this set up?or should i sleeve or block guard it?
Witch head gasket should i use?
Are there any other ARP products i should loot into besides head bolts?
Will ef motor mounts work on the 94 chassis?

Please feel free to add to any of this, or ask me questions if your not exactly clear on something, or if i wasn't clear on something.Im sure im missing things so please help me fill in the blanks!

Thanks in advance for any information!!!!!!!!


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Its been sitting but she'll clean up nice!
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Thanks for the reply,i was thinking of just not sleeveing the block,i found quite a few instances were people were pushing 400+ Hp on a stock sleeve!!!iv got three blocks one of them has to be in good condition LOL.

ill have to look into the z6 blocks i figured all of the D-series were the same cast.


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I see,seems the two more popular motors to go with are the z6 and y8.Hmm ill start looking locally,i wanted to go with an A6 block/head but will see.


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i just called napa to get prices on some machine work!!!HOLY HELL i need to find a local machine shop lol