d16y7 to d16z6

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I have read so many posts trying to diagnose what I may have done wrong in my swap but all I am getting is more confused. I used my CX/d16y7 harness, P28 ecu, obd2a to obd1 ecu harness, d16z6 dizzy with adapter harness, did IACV wiring at intake and swapped A14 to A12 at ecu, it'll crank and idle, but super low where it barely will stay running, when I give it any gas it'll either shut off or rev up a little and surge, anyone have any ideas? thank you in advance!
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I did the A14 to A12, still the same result. Started looking around in forums and found on someone else’s post to check the map and tps wires to make sure I didn’t switch them; that fixed half the problem. It idles but only until I give it some gas and still surges