d16y7/y8 Head, O2 Secondary sensor help???

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New Member
If I were to have the y7 harness, is there a plug for the secondary O2? or is there only one in the y8 harness?

If I have the y7 harness do I have to manually wire into my ECU the wires for the secondary O2?

How do I know which Harness I have in my car? I bought it the way it is, with the secondary o2 sensor as a CEL. Let me know, thanks in advance!!!!!

1997 Civic Hatch, Dx d16y7/y8 head 112k miles.
I see the spot of where it goes, but there is no connection in the wiring other then one connector that doesnt look like the right plug? it only has 2 wires on it?? The o2 sensor has 4 wires...?