d16y8 obd2-obd1swap help

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New Member
i recently swap my 96 civic hatch with a d16y8
(did a complete swap over, engine harness and etc)
I am using a obd2-obd1 conversion harness
and also running a stock p28

for some reasons my car idle at 1,500 and the all the lights are flickering
also the check engine light is on

some says that i need to change the dizzy. while other said i need to change the alter

so i am confuse. can someone please explain and clear things a little bit more as in what i still need or what i should do next
any help will be greatly appreciated
its code 41 Primary oxygen sensor heater

but i try new sensor and old ones
still have the same code

any suggestions?
being your lights flicker I would say a loose wire maybe related to your code follow it back and see if the wires messed up