D16y8 obd2a to B18b1 obd1

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Alright, I've been hunting for hours and I'm hearing 20 different things so I thought I would just ask. I have a 1996 Ex Civic with the D16y8 (obd2). My engine went so I decided to go the B series route. I have a 1995 Integra RS engine (obd1) with the trans. I know the basic necessities that I will need (Axles, shift linkage, t mount, etc.), my only concern is the electrical aspect. I have an obd1 P75, so I know will need a harness jumper to go from the obd2a harness to obd1 ECU. I'm also (90%) positive that I can use my D16 wire harness for the engine, there will just be a couple of plugs ill need to switch over. Is this correct? or do I have it all incorrect.
yes, use your d-series engine harness as much as you can. Things will not line up easily so you may need to do some cutting and pasting. The obd2 cars have a driver side cannon plug to the firewall that obd1 cars don't.

if you use the obd1 ecu, you're good electronic-wise.

otherwise, if you go obd2 p75 (perhaps for emissions purposes), you'll need to update the electronics to obd2 items as well, such as the alt, distributor and injectors