D16Y8 swap into 93 cx hatch

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Want to get ideas of how fast this swap would be? I know its no B16 but it is a lot cheaper for me. With the money i will save i am going to build the engine. how many mods will it take to match the stock B16
Already have: Ractive Short Ram, 2.5 inch exhausr with HP Racing rear section no resonator.
i plan to add:

Cams skunk 2
valvesprings skunk 2
headers DC
Cam Gear AEM

in what range do you think i will be running stock and with these mods.

Hopefully get into the low 15s upper 14s
skunk2 doesn't make d-series cams
skunk2 doesn't make d-series valve springs
your car only requires one header, not 2 headerS
aem cam gears suck. get skunk2

My friend and I performed this swap on his 93 CX HB recently. We used a D16Z6 rather than a Y8 though. They are practically identical except for the combustion chamber design on the head. They Y8 features a more square design which translates into higher compression. This is why the Y8 has 127 HP and the Z6 has 125. But I would go with the Z6 because it is OBD1 and the Y8 is OBD2. This will make wiring alot easier. All you need is the motor, trans, ecu, engine wiring harness and a 4 wire O2 sensor (because you CX motor has a single wire 02 from the factory) for the Z6 swap.
This swap alone with no mods should make your CX run mid to high 15's in the 1/4. Add I/H/E, cam, and performance ECU, You should be able to get into the low 15's maybe high 14's with the right tires and plenty of practice.
As far as cams, crower makes a good cam and valve spring set for the d16 vtec. Btw AEM cam gears dont suck. Especially for the cash. but Skunk2 gears may be better. Good luck with your swap! If you have any questions feel free to email me.
Just to let you no pissedoffsol that skunk2 is coming out with these cams and valvesprings shortly.
Originally posted by Sirhc2013@Dec 28 2002, 02:03 PM
Just to let you no pissedoffsol that skunk2 is coming out with these cams and valvesprings shortly.

i didnt know that.. but they aren't out yet to my knowledge...
They have the valves, valve springs, and retainers out for the D! But the cams are comming out with the intake manifold!
I was just there and if you read the bar that scrolls. They say Comming soon Billet TB and cams and intake manifold for the SOHC VTEC! I have a big hard on right now after reading this! :p
Originally posted by djextremity@Dec 31 2002, 04:33 AM
Um you didn't own him, knowledge did a few posts up. :D

am i at honda-tech???? people make simple mistakes, last i knew they didn't make D series shit, but then again i havn't gave a shit about modding a D in 2 years.... anyways with your eg i'd put in a z6, less bullshit.