D16z6 Build Up

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Here's my question. My friends have been telling me to put a d16z6 into my 93 cx hatch. What im wanting to no is how fast can i make this motor if i get a turbo, and a couple of other mods. If i do decide to get this motor, will it swap straight in, and will i need any other items...........And my last question is a guy that i talked to said a d16z6 with a t3/t4 turbo can put out 260 hp with cam gears, pulleys, and a full exhaust. Thanks
you really are better off starting with a B series engine...
260 is possible on a D series but you are getting very close to the top of the possible power range without selling your kidneys ($$$$$$$$$$$$$)
with a B series 260 is just getting started
dollar for dollar i would say get a B series and start from there