d16z6 into 91 civic sedan

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What is everything that I would need, like what kind of tranny, ecu.. My car is an LX automatic trans. I was hoping to use my original tranny and ecu if I could but I'm not sure.. Thanks
I have done this swap and had it wired 3 ways. Use the p28 which is the ecu for the z6. Get everything for the engine including the 4 wire 02 sensor. I am not sure if your tranny is the same as the ex auto tranny, but if it is keep your tranny. You have to use a 4th gen tranny. If you are serious about doing this swap pm me and I will give you the details. It might take a few days becuase of work to get back to you. I wish the old board was still up because I had wrote several times everything that was needed.
transmission bolts right up.

auto-5 speed, doesn't matter...i've done this myself.

(took an ex longblock from an auto-ex...bolted it to a dx transmission...it goes both ways...pressure plates and clutch..etc are different but thats obvious. flywheels are the same, bolt up.