d16z6 vtec head onto a 4th gen block

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Senior Member
does anyone have knowledge or experience in this swap. Ihave a 90 civic dx, i want to swap a SOHC vtec head from a 92-96 si? is this possible?
can you help me out?
You can do it, but I'm not the "mini-me" expert... Most of the info out there is for dropping a SOHC VTEC head onto a 4G Si block, but the setup you're asking about is exactly what I'm thinking of doing for my girlfriend's car.

Anyone out there got info on this? I would assume that it's the same as the 90-91 Si mini-me conversion, but you have to convert from DPFI to MPFI. Am I correct?

Oh yeah- the D16Z6 came in the 92-95 Si and the 92-95 EX, it was never offered in 96.
Ya, Thanks, I just needed to know if the head would match up. I have plenty of wiring info on this. If you have any more info though, it would be great to get more ideas on the symplicity of this swap or an SI Head to Vtec Head swap that would be greatly appriciated too!!!!!!!