D16z6 Vtech Wiring

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Junior Member
replaced factory d15 and swaped with a d16z6 into 94 civic, have SCI MSD Ing and Blaster coil, need to know if vtech is working or if its ignitions kicking in... have no wiring plug for vtech solenoid, need to know what color wires are coming out of plug (there are 2 wires- one chasis ground and the other is anonymous, need to know!!) what factory RPM does vtech kick in? 5900??
also if possible what positions in the ecu do the 2 vtech wires go in to, not including ground....any help with this would be GREAT!!!
When you swapped on the motor did you happen to notice the writing on it,and how it says VTEC (<---if you will notice there is no H there).Do a quick read through the electronics and ECU's section,FAQ and the articles and reference sections you will find all kinds of info,like pinouts and wiring info.