D17 Chikara Hedder, All Bunged Up

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Crazy Insane
Hey all,
Just wondering if anyone has one of these hedman chikara hedders? I'm just wondering what to do about the lack of o2 sensor bungs... im guessing just make a little o2 port pipe right after the header?
Also has anyone ever heard of "racer design" or something like that (aftermarket parts maker) and their mufflers?
Many thanks! I can't wait to get my exhaust system together.
I'd take it to an exhaust shop and have them weld bungs in where you need them.

FYI though, the fact that it doesn't have bungs in the right place already tells me that it's probably not the highest quality of products...just keep that in mind...
Well it certainly does bother me that it doesn't have them, and if I read my Haynes manual correctly the catalytic converter is part of the stock exhaust manifold?
I'm told that not having a cat will throw up a cel. So I'll have to get a special pipe-cat-pipe with bungs made up, then continue on with the exhaust as normal... right? :p
This makes me reminiscent of my ef exhaust, and how easy it was to do. None of this obd 2 crap!
On some Civics the cat converter is integrated into the exhaust manifold, so it might be a problem. Do you know where the O2 sensors are currently located in relation to the manifold and cat converter?
Yes, there is the upstream o2 sensor which basically goes into the collector, then there's the integrated catalytic converter, then the downstream o2 sensor. According to my mechanic friend I will have a CEL if there is no cat before the 2nd o2 sensor.
Also as far as the quality, I don't think it has anything to do with that, it looks like a sweet piece and hedman has been around for decades. They sell the "X-tension" pipe with o2 bungs on their website but they don't have a good pic and it says nothing about a cat, and if I can just have it fabbed up with the exhaust system I might as well. I wish I had a welder and a bender so I could do it myself! :p