D17A6 or D16Y5 into a CRX?

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New Member
I'm new to the engine swap forums, and was wondering in anyone out there has done any of these swaps into their CRX? I have fond memories of my '89 CRX DX and I'm looking to buy another in the near future. However, I would like to update the powertrain to something a little newer and "greener". I had a '98 Civic HX and I loved that little car and the gas mileage it delivered. I'm not looking for huge power gains, just great mileage and enviable reliability. Thanks in advance for the help.
well if you just want to drive it and be really good on gas then i would do the d16y5,but those motors will blow if you push them like other motors,
If I go the D16Y5, is it a drop in swap?

I'm just wondering if anyone out there knows what additional parts will be needed for the D16Y5 swap into a CRX. Besides engine, transmission, ecu, and VTEC controller, what other parts will be needed? Once again...thanks.
Also...does anyone know of a reputable shop for the swap in the Salt Lake City area?