da8 b16a

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Heya I just got me a 1990 da8 teggie with the 1st gen b16a. Would newer b16a or CTR parts be compatible with my engine? Would b18 intake/exaust headers fit? Could anyone post a link for these sorts of questions? ANY help appreciated :worthy:
Cams of any B series are interchangable.

b16 headers will not fit b16b/b18a,b,cX unless specified because of the deck height differences, but b18 headers will fit b16's, just hang down a bit.

ITR intake manifolds fit B16a heads.

Skunk2 and AEBS make intake manifolds for all B series motors.

There's lots more, gotta be a bit more specific.
DA8? wow, never heard of it. :p

all the above is correct... if you're talking about cai, or short ram intakes, and not just the intake manifold itself, yes, a b18 cai or short ram will fit on the intake manifold of the b16. i have a second generation b16 in a DA9 integra (1990 like yours... converted to OBD1) with the AEM CAI that was on the B18A1, the header that was from the B18A1

like they said, you CAN put a b18 header on a b16, but can't put a b16 on a b18. :)