damn drunk driver

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I need to tell this story this is so ridiculous...
Last night i crahsed at my parents placein San Francisco (Fall break rocks), and around 2 in the morning i hear this big crash coming from outside on the street. Then i hear a burnout followed by another crash. Then another burnout and another crash, followed by a third burn out and crash. Me being the paranoid person i am throw on a shirt grab my keys and my swiss army knife and run out thinking my car is getting slammed into. So i run out see my car is ok, and then i see that there is a huge cloud of smoke down the street. So i go down the street and i see a little girl on the phone standing there, and then i see the damage.
My neighbors 73 fully restored mercedes has the side smashed completly in. that was the first car to get hit. where the second car was hit the parking on the street goes from parallel to 90 degree. The second car a toyota tacoma was hit repeatedly three times the car was so phucked up the rear whell instead of being vertical was completely horizontal on the ground still attaced to the truck. The tacoma however was pushed into a BMW convertible, which was then pushed into a cabriolet, which was then pushed into a nissian of some sort. all 5 cars were completly screwed. The driver was in a jeep cahrokee from the early 90's i would say (his car is pretty messed up too). He was quite obviously drunk. He step out of his car got on all fours and threw up, then got up and started walking down the street, one of my neighbors then ran down grabbed him and draged him up to the scene by his arms. Then the cops showed and took the phucker away, and took down statements and all.
Man drunk drivers suck...especially in a city like san francisco where the buses run every 10 mins, it is so stupid to drive drunk...I have lost 2 good friends to drunk drivers...it is just lame....
Sorry for the rant at the end just needed to vent...
Originally posted by 98integrals@Oct 7 2002, 02:53 PM
that is fucked up... but why would you leave a 73 benz outside??

someone who is not smart!
i too have lost a friend due to drunk drivers, it's really a sad thing that people do it, and the consequences are even worse.
drunk drivers fucking suck. when i see them on the road, i will sometimes purposely get in front of them and start riding in the middle of the road to show them how fucking stupid they look. then i drive off. i think drunk drivers are a bunch of dicks!