Damn Thieves In Va!

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The worst thing that can happen to someone trying to mod their car, is for someone to vandalize/steal things that you already have and must replace. A few months ago, someone stole my entire system, complete with cd player and breaking the window and door lock. Just yesterday some idiots broke into my car and tried to steal the whole thing, broke the hell out of my ignition with a screwdriver. Just got the ignition replaced with a very hefty price tag, luckily my dad owns a body shop. Im just glad they didnt look in the trunk and steal yet another system. i hate people!

**done complaining**
That sucks. If you have tint or chome rims, take them off :)

Get a removable face for your sterio and if you look stock, no one will want to steal your car.

I live in the worst neighborhood in my city and I've never had my car broken into. I don't go up my street bumping my system so every theif and his mom can come jack my car that night either though.
I'm not saying you do, but thats one reason some people get robed, showing off.

Sorry to hear that though :( Honda's are the #1 most stolen car in america. Probably because there's a half of a freaking billion of them probably and everyone in a honda blends in. My mom's accord got stolen and it took the cops 3 months to find it less than a mile away at some guys house.
ya i never have my system up near my house.....but im not too sure of what a "riced out" car looks like but i have a body kit and 17" white rims and an Arospeed wing. Not sure if thats riced out, but i think its why they try and break in it all the time :huh: but if so then im a ricer through and through, hey at least i dont have led windshield lights.... :lol:
:withstupid: Sell the wing/body kit, dont make your car stand out. No one wants my car, I dont even think people take a second look at my car--if they do, the baby seat would scare them off (see Nick's Pics)
no one in there right mind would want my car i have so much primer on it, and my stock wheels have seen so many better days...but soon my car will be painted, and those wheels are going to be replaced with some rota's.
So all you theives, if you try anything to my car I will CASTRATE YOU!!!

i think the key element is rust though
primer isnt too bad
tha baby seat is a good counter theft measure
but rust not only makes people go "his car sucks, but there probablly isnt anything of value in there either"
(plus its the true mark of a sleeper)