daugthers honda

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New Member
I took my daugthers '95 honda accord car for a smog (test only station) the only thing that failed is the timing by 19% (1 tooth) but emission pass does that mean my smog failed because I thought that if emissions pass the state dont care about timing?
i'm new at this posting stuff, anyway the smog station told me that my daugthers car didnt pass smog but failed at timing?
On the certificate they gave you it should say if you passed or failed--at least on all the smog/emissions tests I have done. Check over the paperwork, or give the place that did the test a call and see what they say. It's hard to say for sure without knowing where you live and what the stipulations for your area are.
If they say your car fails then tell them they fail. Im glade I live in Florida just because theres no testing.