Dc 4-1 Or Dc 4-2-1

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My friend at work is doing a swap he built an ls/crv motor and has a dc 4-2-1 header and he wants to swap me for mine (DC 4-1). Does it sound like a good trade? I plan on adding a vortech supercharger once I pay for all my tickets. Should be in by April, I've been kinda lazzy :sleep:
What do you want, mid-range or top-end power? If you want top end, stick with the 4-1, if you crave mid-range, go for the 4-2-1. If you do trade, tell him to give you 30 bucks since the 4-1 is more expensive :)


Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jan 6 2003, 06:42 PM
if your doing a SC youll have all the mid range you could possibly ask for..... keep the 4-1



the arguement that centrifugal SC's make all of their power near redline is compleatly wrong... true roots type SC's make more power in the very lowest RPMs under 3.5k but the centrifugal SC makes more power from 4k all the way to red line

heres a dyno plot of a Vortec SC'd Si vs a stock Si


doesnt look like its only making power near redline to me
Since they start making more power at 4k, would you recommend this over a turbo? Not as much lag, high power still, and less headache than turbo set ups. And where'd you get the chart from so I can get a better look?