Deciphering my swapped Civic...

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I just bought a swapped Civic (JDM B16A) from my friend who just bought it from someone else. I have a few questions that are not making sense to me.

1. ECU is a P72; would that throw a check engine light with the B16A?
2. Jumped ECU for the CEL code but no blinks does that mean the code is "0" and the ECU is hence bad?
3. Is the VTEC cutover 4500 stock for the P72?
4. Is that bad for a B16A?
5. Should I get another ECU? like a P30?
6. There is a test pipe in place of the car aft of the DC 4-2-1 header where it appears that an O2 sensor is installed. Does that make sense?
7. Shouldn't the O2 sensor be in the header for OBD I? or doesn't it matter.
8. Does the header in your B16/EG swap match up with the stock exhaust exactly? Mine doesn't. It seems that the test pipe's spring on the right is tightened a lot further then on the left side of the flange. Is that what SCC mag was talking about in their EG swap and that the powercore cat fixed that problem?

The car drives perfectly. Supposedly it has JUN cams but dont know what stage. If you need more info to answer any of the questions let me know. I can post the whole ECU serial # to make sure it is OBD I.

Thanks in advance.
That ecu is from the gsr and it maybe obd II so I would think that could be the cause of strange CEL codes.When I put my b in the header matched up exactly to my stock vx exhaust(no cat).Generally the o2 is in the header.On the dc there is one,is the hole for it there?