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ok.. donor 91 accord 4 dr...i have an h22 in my room for a swap.. wats needed..i believe the h22's are hydro and the accord is cable..can i use the same trans?..will this swap be like a gsr swap into a changing all the mounts over also..thanx for replies


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Im pretty sure you can use the same tranny. I want to do the same thing in a auto 90 accord fo do with an h22 but cannot find any info on it. If you can find anything else lemme know.

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post up some questions, i have done h22 swap before

you can use ANY F or H series trans for an H22, but if gearing matters to you then get the h22 trans... you could always get it later on too

my friends has a 93 accord and he is using his h23 tranny, had h23 in the accord before h22 swap

when he hits second he falls below vtec range, have another friend that just swapped an ex accord trans and he swears that tranny keeps you in vtec in all gears... i would just stick too h22 trans, lsd if you could find it for a decent price

i have know about auto to manual conversions, so hit me up with questions, i love to help people

i know you will need diffrent mounts, not for certain, but i know its either the front or the rear that has the vacuum controlled mount for when the auto shifts to minimize the "clunking" or engine/trans movement


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Use ALL the stock accord mounts.

You will have to retap the trans casing to get the studs in the proper location for the accord mount. No big deal.

Use an H22 tranny.

F series trannies aren't geared for the h22... I've experienced them all.

You'll have to either get a prelude power steering pressure hose (to use the prelude p/s pump) or have to bolt the accord p/s pump and bracket onto the h.

For a/c use the accord compressor and bracket.
Use the accord alternator (h22 alternator bracket is fine)

Use accord axles.

The tranny does have a hydraulic clutch, however both the prelude and accord utilize a cable shift linkeage. *general info*

Other than that, it's four wires for vtec and you're done.

Also swap the front coolant outlet from the f22 onto the h22.

Use your f22 engine harness

I think that's it.

Also, h22 header/downpipe combo will bolt right up to the accord cat.

If you use the accord p/s pump you need a 44" Belt.

*edit* you'll also have to use the accord fuel rail.


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the side tranny mount is the same.

For the rear you will have to get a manual mount and bracket.

No biggie.

Only the rear mount is different for the accords (when looking at manual vs. auto).

But you still have to tap new holes for the side tranny mount.


*slaps with a fat tuna*...

so like i said... you need a diffrent mount... :spin:

but you are still the man( sleepn_accord) for the cbr tps tip :worthy:


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of course we all know that the vaccum controlled mount is only found in the luxury ex/se trim lines.. :D

truth is though, it don't do dick. My girlfriend (just a female friend, to clarify I'm married) has an LX auto and I love driving that thing.

My EX (which is a hybrid auto) shifts so hard.. it's nice when racing, but in traffic it can get annoying.

I'm trying to figure out a solution for it though..

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hahahahhahaha, just a friend, or thats what i tell my wife

so why do you think it shifts so hard? do you have the auto mount?
i don;t know much about them but check your vacuum lines...
or maybe the trans is just shitting the bed and grabs uber hard...

sell it, race trans, lol

or race inspired auto trans for sale... thousand bucks...