Differ Cylinder Heads On Diff Displacement.

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I have a B20A5 displacement and i was just wondering can u put a differ cylinder head on it. I was talking to a person whos works on these type of engine(B-series) he said that he worked on this specific engine that his his tech friends put a B18C5 cylinder head. Is this possible to do im kind of thinking of doing this sort of project. Need some info i appreciate it.
yes you can, this is called a CRvtec. Look in the FAQs about them or click on calesta (member here) sig. You can put either a b16, b18 or b18c5 head on there. It is not as easy as just slaping a VTEC head on, you have to totally rebuild the bottom end to withstand the high revs of vtec

(ps, not 100% on the b20 engine codes, if your b20 engine is out of the early 90 preludes, scratch this, it is only true with the b20 that came out of the CRV )
The B20A5 is not a CRV engine. It is out of an early 90's Prelude. It can be done, but every site I have found where they explain how to do it says it isn't worth it.