Disabled Facebook integration

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HI all,

Quick note that I have disabled facebook integration to login here.

Facebook have been going back and forth with me for 3 weeks to try to 'test the api' and all that. Frankly, it's not worth my time any more to get their approval, so i'm removing the service.

This effects 65 active users.

If you are a facebook connected account, you probably won't be able to login. All you need to do is reset your password (As you likely don't have one set in the system due to facebook being your auth).

IF your email is old/dead and you aren't getting login reset details, use our contact form to ask for help.

Sorry for the inconveience but I'm at whits end with their business customer support team who can't seem to actually tell me what i need to give them.

Google and Linkedin are still running.
yeah, it's time. no one really uses it any more. 95% of what i see on there is marketing or pages promoting something, not my friends.