Discussion: B20 sleeve theory

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Ok. im searching for answers for the common theory that b20's have sleeves that tend to crack. The reason im starting this discussion is because there are members on this site who forget as much as i know at any given time. With that said. lets try to make an informed and educated discussion.

What is safe for the b20 sleeve assuming it has cracking problems? From experiance i personally belive that a rod is more likely to squish before a motor reaches enough compression to crack a sleeve. but aside from my ignorance to this whole thing, why does the b20 have sleeve problems? i know its because they are thinner, but what is the cause of the problem. vibrations? compression? over heating?



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Sleeves crack because of detonation. If your motor is not tuned right, or if you run too much boost you will detonate and crack your sleeves. It has nothing to do with how powerfull your motor is, how much psi you are running, or your compression. You could make 400 horsepower in a b20 and if you never detonated, you would be fine.....

B20s get a bad rap but really they are a great motor and make more torque than a type r motor stock....


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Originally posted by reikoshea@Jul 17 2005, 07:15 PM
Do B20s have frm sleeves...that might be where the rap comes from
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not sure what FRM is, but if im not mistaken that was used in te old b20's from the preludes. i dont think the new b20's have it...
well my theror is that they are fine im now runing a 125shot on my b20b and it is holding up just fine it has alot to do with tuning. i do think that if you are usung a power adder that you can run for a long period of time that could be your killer ( example 10psi down interstate for 5min toping your car out) but i have had no problems with mine i have had it for 2 years i ran a 85shot on it for 1 1/2 yrs and then 100 now 125


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