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ok i got the ex wiring harness what should i look for to make sure that it is a vtec wiring harness i picked it up at a local yard around here. also i know i need the wiring harness injectors and distributor is there any way i can use the ones that i have on my d16 or can i use the ones on my b16a (obd0)? can i wire it to work or should i just buy the injectors also any that you recommend? :wall:
tyou gotta be more specific about what you have and what you are trying to do before anyoune could possibly answer your question


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ok i am putting in a b16a1 from a 91 crx into a 97 civic lx. i got the engine for free and i wanted to get it to work. i was told i need the wiring harness from a 96-98 ex and the distributor and fuel injectors. but what i wanted to know is can i use the distributor that i have in my civic now (d16) and fuel injectors and modify it. what do you recommend i do? also i went to the junk yard and they had a wiring harness there but i am not sure what to look for. it looked just like the one i have in my car now how do i know what the vtec wire looks like? i guess what i am getting at is can i use my obd0 wiring harness and mess with it so i can run at least an obd1 with the distributor and fuel injector and so on thanks guys
ok- this is going to be a bitch and 3/4.

If it was me, I'd sell it for a newer motor.

but since it's you, you're going to try it. so here goes :)

the easiest way to get this done i think is to convert both the car and the motor to obd1.

step 1- obd2a -> 1 ecu conversion harness.
step 2- plug in usdm p30 or a chipped p28 (with a vafc and plans to dyno tune it later) ECU
step 3- score an obd1 b16 distributor (or an obd1 d16z6 dizzy with plans to hack off some legs and half-ass it, but cheaper), saturated 240cc injectors (92+ civic/94+teg), and obd1 alternator.
step 4- score an obd1 wire harness from a d16z6 to use the plugs
step 5- swap the plugs from step 3 onto your LX harness. the dizzy will be different- just line them up. you will know what i mean when you are holding the 2 plug and the 1 plug conenctors. the 96ex harness is not needed, but you will have to run a couple more wires.
step 6- get the vtec solenoid, pressure plugs off the z6 harness to plug into the b16 motor. wire those up straight to the ecu. ecu pin outs are in the reference section.
step 7 - wire up the evap
step 8- if using the p30, run wire for knock sensor. plug will need to be scored from the b16 harness, and run to the ecu.

now, for the hard part.

the tranny wont work. its cable. your car is hydrolic.
ebay it
buy a hydro + $500

man, fuck it dude- you're going to end up spending more money that it would to sell the b16 sir for $1500 bucks and to buy a usdm b16a2 from the civic si for 2700 bucks.

it's simply not cost effective. get


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thanks for the info but you know me i am broke i can't sell my engine and save another 1200 bucks college kid with no money not happening but i am sure i can get all the parts at the local honda yard :D and for the "hard part" can't i just use the cable hydro convertor? i heard it works very well from a guy who is using an obd0 b16 in his 98 civic he just has no idea what was done to his motor because he didn't pay to get it in.! Also to i have a 97 civic can't i use the injectors from the lx? if not could you please tell my why in a way that a noob would understand thanks guy :worthy:

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:confused: hey, somebody help, i have a 96 accord obd2, obd2 harness, i need to know how to hook up the distributor on a obd1 distributor thanks