DIY black housing for headlights

Well i was told tadai by one of the guys at the local shop that one can paint the headlight housing of a 6th gen civic.
Steps are:
preheat oven to 350 degrees
pop in the headlights fo r about 3mins or when glue comes apart
pull off the face of the headlight
spray the inside with color desired
Can someone please list this method in detail for me. Thanks


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on the sol when i was making my corners clear i just popped the lenses off, was real easy

the oven thing works though, my friend did it to his supra headlights to clean the inside of them
i did this on my ek worked out great looks diffrent if you leave the amber in also i did just to be diffrent and i have hade many offers to buy them.


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ive done this on my civ - check forums for article.... you can also use a hair dryer if you dont want to accidently melt your headlight :p