Do U Think I Can Use Gsr Harness On My Civic?

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I am thinking about swaping B18C1 OBD2 JDM (from Integra GSR) into my civic 96 DX hatch, I read a lot about this swaping (most of the swap stories were about HARNESS AND CPU). And almost all of them had something to do with modification of USDM stock Civic harness so it will fit B18C1, but I will get the whole front of the Integra 96 from Japan so it will have everything from the dash to headlights. So my question is, if I will buy engine with full harness and all other parts like lincages axels and mounts already. Would I be able just to swap Integra's GSR harness and P72 CPU in my civic?
Will it be easyer? And will it fit prefectly into my civic 96? And if there are some modification required please tell me about them.

Thanks a lot for helping!
if it is the same ODB, it makes more sense to use your stock harness and ADD the two (3?) vtec wires that you need. Unless the wiring harness comes still connected to the engine, then just install it and reconnect those wires.
Yea but its not just 2 or 3 wires, its almaust 5 to 10 wires and I will have to create new connections to CPU.
Well like I said my car is OBD2 and I will buy OBD2 B18C1 engine. Yea and wires will be connected to CPU AND ENGINE WHEN I will buy it...
So you saying that If I will use Integra GSR Harness it will work fine?
No, it will not work.

The Civic engine harness connects directly to the ECU.

The GSR harness connects to the shock towers, then the vehicle harness connects to the ECU.

You will need to rewire your Civic harness for the GSR.
alright thanks I did not know that they are different.
ok then I will spend a week or so doing harness rewireing.