Does a b20 Swap NEED a tune?

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The trans is why you cruise at 4100 rpm on the highway, and stock ecu will be fine with a tune , and I appreciate your advice but you are still doubting how fast and reliable a 200-225whp honda is , and I have not given you bad advice or info you have told use you are going to run stock pistons/rods which means you are doing under 12 psi and not a school bus turbo... a wideband and a boost and oil pressure gauge is a 100% must , id even do a knock counter/timing +/- gauge
my friend if you read all of your posts, it is YOU who is doubting 200-250whp on a stock honda
'stock ecu' is a bit of a wacky term.

You don't need to go full standalone but you're going to need a chip with a map program on it at the very least to handle the extra fuel and the timing reduction you're going to need. but, that can be placed on a stock ecu.
Sorry, I was told in the THIRD post of this thread the stock ecu did not need chipped and tuned as originally asked.
I *think* i'm gonna give chrome a shot. I think I will also buy a dozen blank chips and a Burn2. Can Anyone recommend a better chip burner? Thanks!
anything above basic bolt ons like exhaust, intake, etc, will need to be tuned so that the engine has enough fuel
Lol sorry if you misread my post but I literally just said the same thing as brian said above.... anything above regular basic bolt ons will require tune... where is this going and negative torwards me I have given you no bad info or advice
So to Update this thread, my car was in fact running lean. Utilizing an Innovative MTX-L I found I was running around 16.7:1 at all cruise and part throttle times and 15:9 WOT.
I will begin street tuning it this week to and from work. So IMHO you should not run the stock PR4 or P75 on a B20B swap
ouch. part throttle probably wasn't too bad... it generally goes a bit lean there.
but WOT was pretty dangerous

bad news: expect a decline in MPG :)
Actually useful information for me I was planning to run my B20 on a pr4. How are you planning to tune it on the PR4?
Well from logging and adjusting from only 3 trips in the car, so far my AFR is around 15.0 @ cruise and 13.2 WOT. Much better, yes?
Xantos- I currently have an ostrich 2 emulator, burn2 burner with several chips,hulog datalogger and a chipped my pr4 with a zif chip kit from hamotors. Currently am using crome free and freelog, soon to purchase cromepro. IF ignition cut 2 step is something you really want I would go with a Demon/Neptune over crome/ostrich
What I wouldn't do though is, wait until your engine blows up to start your build. especially if you have parts available to start doing it.