Doing Your Own Swaps?

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Yep, I'm in HS. I'm a sophmore and I think our auto programs are only for juniors and seniors... so I figure take one of the mechanics/engines classes now. In any case, it doesn't sound like our programs are as good as your schools... but I have heard of them doing repairs on students' cars. Maybe if I'm in that teacher's engine class I can just mention I have a project car for an engine swap if his other class is interested B)

edit: damn, the only class I can take is:

"Small engines -
Learn how to repair and maintain small engines. Students will dismantle, inspect and reassemble a small engine, learn how it works, and what the internal parts do. Basic electrical topics will be covered. Don't miss out on the chance to learn basic mechanic type skills"
yeah all we had was small gas engine.... unless you wanted to go to the tech school for half the day, i wish i woulda went and did autobody... not to do it for a living, just to be good at it.
Yeah, I wish I could do a bunch of this stuff but I don't even have time in the schoolday to do anything

Now that I think about it... if I offer the teacher the chance for his auto shop class to do a full engine swap I think there's a chance they'll take it. Our school district sucks... they don't have money and they're not supplying anything for them to work on. Students in this area don't have the $ to do a full swap for the most part... and I think they just kinda sit around and do nothing now. This might work, ya think? Trusting half of these people with my car... now that's another choice! lol