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I've been looking for a camber kit for my 93 EX to correct the front camber since I lowered it last summer and Carloscore had one listed for 60 shipped, I think it was. I was an Eibach front kit for a Teg, but I cross-referenced the numbers on Eibachs website and it would work for my car.

I emailed him and asked him about it and we agreed on 50 shipped for it. I sent the money order and about 5 days later I got the kit.....Problem was, it's not Eibach, it's some shit called SPC..Specialty Products Company...who I've never even heard of....

I emailed Carloscore repeatedly asking him what's up and telling him I wanted the correct kit keeping in mind I'd rather try and resolve this than it come to a thread, but I haven't heard from him so now I'm pissed.

I got fucked last summer on an Apex'i catback kit from some guy on Ebay-the jerkoff sent me an OBX kit and swore it was the now this...

People like this give the good guys a bad if anyone else has been ripped by this guy let me know or if maybe he wants to clear his name and straighten this out now that I've posted this I'm ready.....

EDIT: Here's the original thread for the sale, clearly stating Eibach

Camber Link

Here's what I got:SPC
Just a little FYI.

SPC makes the camber kits for:

and a HOST of other companies.

I am NOT making excuses for the seller, just giving you some facts.
Thanks for the FYI, but look at it from my point of view. He told me Eibach and I got SPC...SPC box, SPC instructions......there was nothing with the Eibach name on it whatsoever.....

If he would've replied to my email and just told me what was up I wouldn't have been so pissed but since he punked out on me I got a little hot. Seriously, how hard is it to reply to an email?

But that's good info about SPC, thanks...

EDIT: Look at it this way though....How would you feel if if you ordered a
DC Sports header and got a Pacesetteror or OBX?

dude... why are you bitching? does it work? whos going to look at your control arm and go "Those arent eibach theyre SPC"... noone. But $50 isnt a bad deal.
I'm not bitching.....but you have to look at the principle of the matter......

I got a good deal, ok......but I bought one thing and got another....that's not cool with straight with me or don't be anything......

Liars don't appeal to me one fucking bit........
well... i have known carlos well for 10 years and he is a good guy... he has not been able to answer his e-mails because he has been up here in austin all the last week untill tonight working damn near 13 hours a day trying to get his god forsaken car finished... give him a break... you needed a camber kit.. and you got one... if it were coil overs and he advertised ground control and you got aerospeed i would understand because there is actually a real difference there... but a camber kit..... it either fixes your camber, or it doesn't... and if it did, then thats that you wont be going through tires every month, same as if you had a camber kit that said eibach... i know it is the principal... but maybe he understood as being the same product seeming as they are made by the same company... sometimes people get busy and can't reply to e-mails right away... so calm down, dont jump the gun, and just think.

ok... i'm done
If you dont want that camber kit e-mail me and i will buy the kit from you for the same price u paid and shipping and that way you will get your money back.
Originally posted by f20cEG@Feb 19 2003, 03:34 AM
it is the principal

and for that, i have no intrest in him posting shit he doesn't really have for sale on my board.
GM also makes a lot of vehicles, if I ordered a f_ _ _ _ en Corvette then it better be a Vette and not some Geo Metro (that's GM also) for you false advertisers. I totally understand where nimblecivic is coming from and it just made me change my mind on trying to buy shit from the internet or this site. Just be honest with your product, yeah he might of gotten it for cheap but that's not the brand name he was expecting. Get the message??? It's the principle!!!
Hey man im sorry. When i but this product from my local performance store I asked for an eibach camber kit for my car. When i went to pick it up it came in a black box with eibach sealing tape all over it. I have also went to the eibach web site to look up the part number and it came up for an integra.
Again i had no idea it was a spc product. But a camber kit is a camber kit and you got it for more than half of what it is worth consedering that shipping alone was $ 15.00 dollars and thew product new from the dealer is at least $ 90.00. Again im sorry for the mix up like said I Dident know.

Thanks f20ceg, all motor monster, roro
Originally posted by AllMotorMonster+Feb 18 2003, 10:54 AM-->
SPC makes the camber kits for:

and a HOST of other companies.
As well as many other manufactures making tons of the exact same qualitiy products and selling them to companies that put their name on them to sell them for more.

1_deuceracing Posted on Feb 19 2003
@ 07:51 PM
GM also makes a lot of vehicles, if I ordered a f_ _ _ _ en Corvette then it better be a Vette and not some Geo Metro (that's GM also) for you false advertisers.

This is ignorant,there is no comparison to be made between this two situations.A Vette is completely different than a Geo Metro,where as the difference in the camber kits they are talking about is the company that liscenced the manufactuer to make a product so they could put their name on the exact same product as someone else.
Maybe you are missing the whole point on what I'm trying to preach here. Most of us knows what Company makes what products and for whomever else. Judging from society today, the majority of us are "brand name" influenced on what we buy. So judging from that, if you know anything about mechanic tools, Stanley also makes tools for Mac tools; personally if I ordered a set of Mac wrenches then I certainly would expect Mac wrenches and not Stanley's. There's so much difference in quality amongst other things; you might say a wrench is a wrench like SPC to Eibach and it does the same thing. That's not true because Stanley tools are more likely to bust your knuckles than a Mac. So from this comparison am I getting what I paid for? Obviously not, and again you are missing the whole point of where I'm as a consumer is coming from. Ignorance is when I ordered a Big Mac and I get a cheeseburger, I don't want chicken tenders when I ordered chicken nuggets!!! Catch my drift???
I'm with you on that one. I've dealt with too many people misrepresenting their products on the internet (and off the internet for that matter). I'm not saying carloscore was intentionally misrepresenting his product, I'm just saying that it's frustrating when you don't get what you paid for.

If I was trying to buy an old-school Eclipse, and gave the guy the money, and he delivered me a Talon saying "Well, it's made by Mitsubishi, it's just got a different badge on there", I sure as shit wouldn't stand for it.

Just my $.02
I think every single one of you needs to get your panties out of a wad! Just follow these easy instructions:
1.) rinse
2.) lather
3.) scrub
4.) Repeat1-3
5.) Carefully Iron them for 20 minutes and they should be out of a wad.

I've never heard so many GIRLS whining about bullshit, If you buy of the net you take a chance. Unwad Please!!!!
Drama, hahaha, i love it, just like highschool all over again.... wait why dont we ask allen his girlfriend is 14 thats highschool right? Oh no, I think that is middle school! hahaha
First of all this member has every right to be pissed, he was expecting a product with a brand name and he received something other than he expected.

If i was in the position of carloscore, I would have offered to refund the money back plus the cost of shipping, just to settle the deal and make all is good between members. But obviously he isnt caring to much about his reputation.

Hope both of you can work something out, but Someone f'd up, someone should make it right. JMHO.
This has turned into petty bickering that occomplishes nothing, caloscore has been added to our sellers to avoid list becuase he misrepresented a product he sold. It's that simple. Yes, buying over the internet is a risk, but there is no reason we shouldn't try to make it less so buy keeping a list of people that pull this kind of trick. Thank you please drive through.

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