Dont you hate it

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Dont you all hate it when money gets tight.... my fiancees mom couldnt pay her car payments so the repode it ... and my car needs a fuel pump and a new head.... and i m gettting the pump this week, but i cant find the head anywhere cheap./. <_< i moved somewhere with her for to go to college so i have no friends here to work on my car or help me when i need help... LIFE SUCKS ;) My birthday is this weds, and im away from friends and family.... :angry: and my fuzuking car isnt working and i have to skate 5 miles to work and 5 home 5 days a week!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
actually i moved to indiana.... podunk purdue university.... i used to live in clearwater florida... I loved it there.... but love brought me here and i dont like it.... cant get help putting a motor in cant get hlp dropping a gas tank.... ntohing.... ppl up here are interesting./. :D oh well i guess you pay the price for love.... that and all the hooked up cars here are funny looking... riced out cougers old old body, ford tempos with wings, festivas with exhaust... lol :rolleyes: :blink: :unsure: well i guess you can find this anywhere... it is just depressing having no friends where i live now.. or someone with a comon interst as me in cars who knows something to help out when neeeded... cause i wont pay a shop to do something i can do myself! oh well! :(

Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Sep 30 2002, 11:00 AM
toss the broad man :) shes causing you misery... like most women do.

Maybe you can her to help you with the car??? If so she's a keeper if not toss her back! :D
lol..hey i just moved out here in cali..i know what your goin through I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO HOOKUPS its gay..i hate paying full price.


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man you guys are all fucking whiped. the wife won't let me move to new york.

grow some fucking balls man
Well she has really bad asthma bro and when we visit my parents the humidity just chokes her out! She really needs dry air bro! But her main reason is she don't wanna be that far away from her family! I left NY on perpose cause I just kept getting put in jail! I love the east coast but doubt i'll move back! I will tell you this though... I will not stay in cali!
well my gurl cant exactly help... shes a fulltime college student and works part time for her gas and soem food.. i pay everything else... im not whiped. im just in love, so unfortunately i have to put my wants on hold... it sucks, but back home i could get shit cheap and now that im not there i have no hoookups... and making friends here is impossible!!!! where do all of u live!?
Grove City, Pa.

There are a few good things about Indiana - The GP! Ok - that's only one. How about - if you paved Indiana it would be a great place for autox!
Originally posted by crxracing77@Oct 1 2002, 12:07 PM
well my gurl cant exactly help... shes a fulltime college student and works part time for her gas and soem food..

dude i'm a full-time student and work part time (i'm currently looking for a 2nd job) and i STILL help my man with the car... how do you think i got into this anyways?