Doubling the Headgasket???

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I have a fully built b16a2 with sleeves and i had the head decked .007 and now it sounds like the number 1 cylinder is kissing the valves ever so lightly. It didn't do that before the decking and now it does once i have it back together. I have a cometic gasket on it now and i also have another cometic gasket with 400 miles on it. Do you think i could get away with running two cometic gaskets if i copper spray them together? Or is that a bad idea? I have heard of ppl running two headgaskets. Just let me know what you think thanks :confused:
when the head was milled it was milled .007. where would i go about getting a thicker head gasket? also how much will that effect my compression. it is 9.1:1 right now.
cometic sells thicker gaskets

as b said did you clay the motor it is probaly not hiting from a .007 mil job. Also are they ls or b16 pistons you used in the build. If they are ls pistons the valve reliefs might not be cut bigenuff as ls engined have smaller valves also what size is your cam and is it timed correctly