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Hey guys,

I have an 88 Civic LX with a 1.5 Im going to swap an CRX Si head onto my block. I have an intake manifold, TB, fuel rail, and injectors from an 88 integra with a d16a1.

Can I use these to do the swap since I have them, or should I buy the actually SI parts?

Thanks guys
If they fit they should work. Check the resistance 6-10 for low 10-13 for high you want low impedence injectors.
any d-series manifold will bolt right on to any d-series motor. any d-series part is interchangeable. i'm not sure how you wire up the injectors or what you will need there, but i'm positive the manifold and fuel rail will work. from there, you'll just have to play it by ear and buy parts as you go. that's the best way to do it.