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Hey Brian, you can save these files pretty easily. First you need to download a program called "ASF Recorder", then you save the 1k video file and open it in notepad. It'll have an url hidden in it. Then you enter the URL in the ASF Recorder and it'll save the whole clip to your hard drive. I did so with that ad07mobara_b.asx 28-Jan-2003 15:40 1k file and I got a full version of the clip ~50Mb.

It'll work for .asx, .asf, .wmv files...

Let me know if you need any more help with the prog B)
That one redish orange rx7 was bad ass

Damn they even do it with full interior
Watch ad07nakayama_b, they have some bad ass cars. They have the new STI, a sweet S2ooo, a top fuel EK civic type R
hey brian...been meaning to tell you bout this awesome video i got. its called Grip Video vol. 1 and its got footage of skylines, driving in a skyline, super-fast supras, rx-7's, drifting and stuff. its pretty much a performance-minded import car video filmed in the states. they even show the spec lists on some of the cars. just thought id tell u about it. its definitely worth getting. i got it from suncoast video in the mall.

volume 2 is supposed to be out, but i havent seen it. the trailer for it looks even better than volume 1!