drive shafts in all the way?

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i recently completed my b16 swap into my 93 civic. i noticed though that the drive shafts are not completely bottomed out. there still seems to be a little bit of the actual shaft sticking out of the hole in the transmission. i measured the length and everything, and for some reason the shafts still don't wanna go in. it honestly feels like the shafts have bottomed out. they only stick out MAYBE 1/2", probably a little less. i tried tapping it with a dead blow hammer and everything, still couldnt do it. any advice for some help? i appreciate it
there should be a metal locking ring on the end of your drive shaft, and it sometimes takes a bit of "encouraging" to get it to snap into place in the trans..

Certainly shouldn't be a half-inch gap. I'd suggest checking the lenght of the shaft and the length of the socket, count splines, etc.. Make sure you have the correct axles for the application. If so, you just need to get rough with it.
i did all that, the length is good, the splines are fine because if they were off it wouldn't have gone in as far, and the axles are the ones i ordered with the engine so they seem to be the correct ones...and i apologize for putting this in the ed-ef forum...i meant for it to be in the EG one