Driving with flywheel exposed. Problem? (JDM GSR w S80 ITR trans)

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Hey everyone.

I recently had a Morosso baffled oil pan installed in my '93 del Sol Si with a JDM GSR swap and S80 ITR transmission. The problem with this pan, which I only learned after it was installed, was that you can't use the lower transmission/motor brace that covers the lower portion of the transmission where the flywheel is.

I've seen that some people have modified their braces to for with the pan.

Is it problematic to drive with the lower portion of the flywheel exposed to the ground? I ask because I'm going to the track tomorrow (August 6) and I want to make sure I'm not risking my motor or transmission.

Thank you!
got a pic? If it’s an inspection plate you may be OK but there is a lot of rubber and rocks that get kicked up on tracks it only takes a stray one.
Not sure if it's called the inspection plate. Here's a pic.


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I figured out what I can do.

I can either grind away the extra material on the ITR bracket to make it fit the pan (others have done this) or I can get the flywheel cover plate and the two support bracket pieces. I figured out which parts they are.
Just dont go beating on it on gravel roads, most everything is just going to bounce off because of rotation speed