Duck And Cover!

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Damn... is the audio from a real video from waaaaay back? Kinda scary, really. I was actually thinking South Park when I read the thread title. :lol:
Yeah the audio was from a civil defence program in the 50's a little bit of the video was to it's just been modified for the most part.
Nice. But like I said, kinda scary that the video was done for real. It's not like "duck and cover" will help you when an A-bomb drops... but I guess it's a way to keep the children from being afraid, and that's what the purpose was, right?
Yeah that was pretty much it. The goverment could not come up with a good idea to protect people so they put that out to let everyone think they stood a chance
Man... I read about it in the good old history books, but I had never seen / heard it before. That's just saaaaaaaaaaddddddddd.
It is pretty sorry, what's worse is that 50 years later they still have the same problem