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<_< im planning to swap a single cam motor with the weak d16y7 motor with a better one. im not sure which single cam is best. need some advice and what is the best price out there. im a college student and an only afford what i can. helpp..
D16z6 125hp, 106 tq or D16y8 127hp, 107tq

You should be able to find a complete swap for around $600-$1000.

Since most everyone is DOHC crazy, find someone that is swapping and buy their SOHC. I did and I got a Z6 out of a '95 Del Sol (115,XXX verified 'cause I helped pull the motor) for $600. Included was tranny, dist, complete intake, complete header, spark plug wires, ECU, axles (which had just been replaced!!), power steering pump, alternator, and all motor mounts. Basically everything attached to the engine from the factory.

You'll need a P28 ECU and then either the wiring harness or add a wire for the VTEC. You can also add I/H/E for some modest HP gains from stock. Internal mods are readily available for both.

For encouragement for sticking with a SOHC go here.

Good Luck! :D
The main characteristics in the Z6 and Y8 are the flow in the head. You can pick up a Y8 head for little money and put in on the block you have, applying the left over money to the headwork/cam. IMO. Unless you could use a whole motor based on your high mileage. If that is the case, e-mail me. I'm looking for a cheap D16Z6 motor to drop in a car for sale and the bottom end was shredded on what is in it so I can't rebuild it.
DMOUA, where about are you???
The reason I'm asking is cuz in about 2 weeks I'm doing a swap into my EG and I'll be pulling the D16Z6 out. I'm planning on selling everything. Motor, tranny, axles, ECU, etc...basically everything needed for a swap.
I'm in So Cali. If you live down here drop me a line in a few weeks and we'll talk.
id go with a d15b jdm sohc vtec. it is the best d series motor honda made. i have seen it listed between 130-135 hp. and they go for under 500 on ebay.