ebay drag race crx

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that thing is :ghey:

first of all, the paint looks like a backyard krylon job, and the engine bay looks like it NEVER saw a car show...or ever been washed! its got the factory wheel gaps too, and the rims are blings.

where do you get that new replacement cost figure from? i am just curious. an 88 rex went for 9-12k when they were new.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
what a fuckin joke ..... show car my ass ... look how dirty the f00kin thing is... thats just sad
Yeah, check out the Ractive intake, couldn't even spend 200.00 for an AEM, cheap be0tch!
"custom work", yep those rims were tough to install, that must of taken a team of rocket scientists
its worth a Grand or 2... thats it. not 5 liek the reserve is, not 20 like the moron thinks its worth
NICHE RUNNERS thats the name of the bling blingin rims.. i had a pair of those in highschool when they first came out :p those rims are about 3-4yrs old.
ok the tile says jdm nos blah blah blah but then it goes on to say "-Add NOS and a Turbo Kit and turn this into a Deadly Drag Car" I thought it already had NAAAAAWWWSss. Damn he spent 15-20k on this car he got fucking raped up the ass.