Ebayers Beware

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i bought a tach from this guy on ebay, and he has been very very uncooperative. first, he charges me 36 dollars for shipping!!! just a tach...then when i ask him why so much, he puts "you shouldnt have bid on it then"...the ebay page only said 10 dollars shipping. then i send him the shipping money, and he "claims" he didnt get the money, so he sends me an email calling me a dumbass. so i bought this tach a week ago, sent him 36 dollars for shipping and i have yet to get this tach. so this is the guy you should not buy from...GNsQUICK@aol.com...very very bad seller!!! just a warning, i dont want anybody else going through this shit.
u shouldnt have even paid him just get the negative if it cost so much ur still probably not gonna get it
I had a header shipped across the country and it didn't even cost $35 bucks,that should have been your que to tell him to eat shit.
yeah man- i think this is really your fault. you should have never bid on that shit.