ebc Greenstuff Brake pads

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My front brakes are getting down to the end so now i am looking for replacements. I think i am going to just get stock rotors (depending on how bad they are) and performance brake pads. I have heard that the greenstuff brake pads are good, plus they dont make alot of dust. My concern is how well do they wear? I dont want to be replaceing my pads every few months. What does everyone think about them. And if it positive, i am going to ask jason at alljdm.com to hook me up :rolleyes:
go with aem pads...they last longer and do less damage to your rotors...plus you'll notice about the same stopping power.

so many people criticize stock honda pads and say hawk, ebc and other "high performance" pads are the best. what they fail to mention are reliability issues, and the premature wear on your rotors.

like i've said since i started using aem pads, they are slightly better than OEM honda pads (both made by nissin) and have the same durability.

EBC is good, don't get me wrong, but there are always compromises...and for the price AEM pads are the best.