ECUs compatible with 05 Acura TSX

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I had to replace the ECU in my 05 Acura TSX automatic due to major corrosion that literally ate some of the legs off one of the IC's and caused the car to be in limp mode.

I got a 06 TSX ECU and swapped the EEPROM chips between them. What weirded me out was that the PCB in the 06 unit was totally different from the one in my unit (& every other ECU I've seen from 1st gen TSX's). I noticed at least one car model (some Honda sport wagon) had a ECU with an identical PCB as mine and was much cheaper..I was just afraid to try it since its not from a TSX.

Since installing the new ECU I get a DTC for ECT sensor 2 high value and read somewhere that the 06 model uses a diff setup for its second engine coolant temp sensor.

Does anyone know if there's a way to change the ECU programming to make it work with my 05's ECT2 sensor?
And if that's the case then it makes me wonder if it'd be possible to use other car models ECUs in my car but just reprogram them to be compatible, like a Honda accord ECU, which looks totally diff from the TSX ECU.

Im also trying to figure out if it'd be possible to use a obd2 adapter made for use with Forescan to do diagnostics on my car. It supports the ISO 9141 protocol and KWP2000 that my vehicle uses but I don't know if there's firmware that makes it only compatible with Ford's.

If anyone has any input on any of this plz lmk..thx!!