EF Civic/CRX Partout

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My Garage Sale (CA)

Only have what's listed in the ad and nothing else...All prices are FIRM and are for pick up in Moreno Valley,CA...Don't call or text if your a flake...Only contact me when you are ready to pick up parts...!!!

*OEM EF Civic/CRX Complete Intake Air Box w/Tube: $45
*OEM EF Civic/CRX D16A6 MPFI Intake Manifold: (no tb,injectors or iacv): $40
*OEM EF Civic/CRX D-Series Lower Timing Belt Cover: $10
*OEM EF Civic/CRX D-Series Shift Linkage w/Shifter: $50
*OEM EF Civic/CRX D-Series Shift Linkage without Shifter: $40
*OEM EF Civic/CRX PM5 ECU: $40
*OEM EF Civic/CRX Tranny Differential w/Countershaft: $40
*OEM EF Civic/CRX D16A6 PS Pump Mount Bracket: $20
*OEM EF Civic/CRX 3030 Valve: $20
*OEM EF 90-91 Civic Sedan Blue Glove Box: $20
*OEM EF Civic/CRX D16A6/D15B2/D15B1 Valve Cover: $20
*OEM EF Civic/CRX D16A6 Intake Manifold Bracket: $10
*OEM EF Civic/CRX Rear Camber Arms: $20
*OEM EF Civic/CRX Air Chamber: $5
*OEM EF Civic/CRX Map Sensor w/Purge Solenoid: $50
*OEM EF Civic/CRX Steering Column w/Tilt: $40
*OEM EF 90-91 Civic Sedan Steering Wheel: $25
*OEM EF Civic/CRX Suspension Springs: $30
*Sprint Lowering Springs: $120

*OEM D16Z6 Vtec Solenoid: $40

*Tokico Illumina shocks w/H&R Sport Lowering Springs: $550
*Koni Sport Yellow Shocks (brand new): $500
*radiator: $40
*radiator fan: $20
*rear oem lca's: $30
*d16y8 intake tube with box: $50
*d16y8 td-73u vtec dizzy: $100
*d16y8 flywheel: $30
*d16y8 post mount & bracket: $30
*d16y8 rear camber arms: $20
*d16y8 oil pick up: $20
*d16y8 power steering bracket: $10
*d16y8 cruise control module: $20

*Weapon R B-Series Short Ram Intake Piping (no filter): $10
*Spectre Air Filter: $20

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d16a6 intake manifold,d16a6 dizzy and pm6 ecu were all sold