EF complete catback cheap+car audio cheap...

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This is the complete catback and is a complete bolt on for anybody with a ef crx/civic. This will come with the gutted cat. This is the apexi world sport 60mm catback it has all the flanges and resonators. It has the rear flange has well but it has a magnaflow muffler on exit instead of the world sport.

Looking for 100 firm located in Va. I will have the world sport muffler welded back on the apexi system for 225 for the complete system. Honestly this world sport muffler is way to quiet without the resonators its almost stock.

Also have a killer Lanzar opti drive 400 looking for 125 shipped anybody wanting a sub amp you can't beat it. This thing was on the demo board for 2 weeks mint condition and put the new soundstream 600 top shame this amp's rms power is rated very low.

Mtx 100x2 nice lil amp for 1 sub looking for 30 shipped

also have 2 new sony explode 10's in a small enclosure box.75cu ft per side looking for 150.

Things I'm wanting to trade for
Gen1b16 TB/Type R TB,b-series head/blocks,aftermarket fuel rail, 5inch tach , b-series V-Cover no LS, b-series turbo parts need everything just make some offers..