EF hatch D16Z6 start-up. no fuel, no Spark

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So, I pu a D16Z6 in my 91 hatch, I have an OBD1 Ecu, home-made jumper harness.

I'm not hearing the fuel pump kick on and I'm getting no Spark when I crank.

What I know: I checked power to the distributor, I have 12volts on the Two wire plug.

The fuel pump worked before I removed the old ECU (PM6)

What I'm considering: The fuel pump may have gone bad from sitting so long. or the relay. I need to look and see which relay it is.
2: I need to re-check this jumper harness...
3: a common problem is getting some crank sensor wired crossed when switching dizzy plugs; I'll have to check that. Is there a polarity to these sensors? I noticed on the obd1 pinout one is power and one is signal, but on the OBD0 pinout it doesn't specify polarity to match it up.
3: there are two sensors on the back of the mainifold with the exact same plug. I need to know what these are and make sure they're in the right place. One has been extended...

ANY suggestions will be considered. If it sounds obvious, that doesn't mean I havn't missed it. I'm busy as hell with work on only see this car for 1 or 2 hours a week.


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theres only one relay on the older hondas
its under the dash and they are about $50
i had the same thing i went to work shut it off and it wouldnt start
so try it


yeah, it's a vtec.
try the relay that is by the clutch pedal. I had the same thing happen to me. Another thing that would be beneficial is to get a new conversion harness for ecu. I got mine from Phancentric on ebay. got it for like $60.

89' Project Civic

d16a6/d16y8 "mini-me"
Most common spark problem is with the thicker and thinner White distributor wires. I know you mentioned this before, but it's VERY hard to tell which is which, the way I did it was look at how many tiny wires are in there, thicker has about 8, while the thinner has about 5.


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it started now, only some small things left.

So, I'm an idiot. I missed a ground somewhere on my harness and the ecu and main relay weren't grounded to the chassis. So it kinda was the main relay so to speak. ha

Fixed that and it fired right up. I about shit a brick... I got the harness right on the first try, with the exception of adding that ground. I assumed the stock harness was properly grounded since I didn't cut or hack it at all. I was wrong. So now I just gotta add the vtec sub-harness with the heated o2 wires.

My problem now is the vaccum hoses to fast idle solenoid, the EAVC, and purge solenoid...

If anyone has a diagram for this swap.

and there is a water port on the back of the block by the alternator that goes, where? It's all little things now, I hope.


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welll you should definatly go get a manual for teh crx/civics it helps alot
or go to majestic honda they have diagrams of all the parts and stuff.