Ef Hatch With Integra Front Clip

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Does anyone know where i can see some picturse of an Ef hatch with a 90-94 integra front clip? hood, fenders, lights, everything? I have seen it done to an eg with 95 integra front, but have not yet seen the older gen..
Who knows Adam. Hell, someone asked about putting a jdm itr front end on a civic. Why would anyone want to cut up a 2500-3000 front end? I would put one on my civic, if it was a bolt on affair, but since it isn't, its not worth the cash imo.
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Feb 12 2003, 08:01 PM
no clue, but what is it with everyone wanting to put integra front ends on everything??

-------------> :fr: <-------------

theres your answer
what is it with people posting a reply to a question and just making fun of it???? Do they really have anything better to do than dog their friends who have the same interests as them?
cuz your question is fucking GAY :ghey:
if you want an integra GO BUY AN INTEGRA
iF U wAn7 t0 MaK3 uR CaR MaD d0p3 sTuNnAh StYl3 y0! go find another site (this site is performance oriented.... go to www.superhonda.com... there you will find lots of other slow ricers focused on "looks"... you will be right at home and people will think your idea "iZ MaD pHaT y0!!")
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