Ef Stock/ Performance Parts + Misc

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Brand new never used Unorthodox Racing crankshaft pully for SOHC - 150+ shipping (shipping very cheap for item)
88 Crx Si tranny - best offer (pops out of 5th)
89-91 dx 5 speed and 4 speed - make offer (both in perect condition)
DOHC ZC longblock about 4k miles after got from engine importer 350 with ECU (pick up only)
HF manifold perfect for home made turbo on a SOHC 35+ shipping
CRX/Civis SI distributer very rare- 100+ shipping (perfect condition only 4k miles on it, got new)
CRX/Civic SI gauge clusters 40+ shipping
91 prelude SI tranny auto perfect condition - make offer (pick up only) also have complete b21 longblock for parts make offer on parts
i have pics for everything just email me mytho808@aol.com considering trades i have online references. so hit me up im not a flake, im in SoCal
hey man long time no see...still rocking the b16 Cr? hey i need that dist...whats the least you will take..cuz i need on asap
hey man, nah i wrkeced the b16cr and it is getting the jdm ef front end and some other mods..i want atleast 100 bucks for the dist. call me up when u get a chance