Huge d-series performance parts clearout

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After 12 years of being a d-series loyalist, I decided to swap in a b-series after catastrophe struck. I had an NA d16z6 that was making 158whp and 116wtrq. Now I have a garage full of parts that I need to sell. The parts come off a 1993 del Sol. The car was and still is barely driven.

I'm located in the Toronto, Ontario Canada area. If you're local you can either stop by to pick up the parts or we can potentially meet in the Great Toronto Area. I'm also willing to ship at additional cost.

Contact me via PM.

Meagan Racing 4-2-1 header: $200.00
- welded to a Magnaflow High-Flow catalytic converter with a 2.25" inlet and outlet pipe
- barely used
- 4-2-1 design is good for low RPM torque
- collector welded to the cat to reduce gapping

1320 4-1 header with 2.5" reverse megaphone collector $400
- used once when tuning the car and once for some open lapping
- practically BRAND NEW
- 4-1 design is gear for high RPM horsepower

Stock d16z6 header: $20

Tanabe Medalion cat-back exhaust (2.25") for '92-'97 Honda Civic del Sol: $550
- barely used
- incredible condition
- beautiful sound and fantastic build quality
- retails for over $700 Canadian

Rocket Motorsports level 4 d16z6 camshaft: $300
- used once when tuning and once on the track
- incredible power increase in VTEC
- with P29 block made 158whp
- retails for over $500

Rocket Motorsports valve springs and titanium retainers - $200
- used once when tuning and once on the track
- brought redline on z6 motor to 8500rpm
- with P29 block made 158whp
- retails for over $300

AEM adjustable camshaft gear: $100

ARP d16z6 head bolts: $100

Black HONDA d16 valve cover: $20

D16 NGK wires: $50
- barely used, like new condition


Skunk2 Pro Series Intake Manifold (black): $250

D16y8 intake manifold with inlet ported to 60mm: $100
- done by me
- was part of a d16z6 NA build that made 156whp
- d16y8 intake manifold is considered the "Type-R" intake manifold for d-series engines

Stock d16z6 intake manifold: $80

B18 60mm throttle body: $20

D16z6 56mm throttle body: $20

King Race Bearings: $50
- new in box

NPR 75mm P29 rings: $50
- new in box

D16y8 OEM flywheel: $20

D16y8 professionally ported oil pump: $250
- brand new OEM Honda oil pump was shipped to California and professionally ported and rebuilt by Cole Mulvey of Bad Guys Worldwide

D16y8 cap and rotor - $50
- brand new in packages
- never used

D16 oil pan: $20
- good for oil line connection when building a turbo d-series

Stock d16 transmission: $100
- S40A000

Exedy Pro clutch: $100
- brand new and unused
- came installed brand new in d16y8 that I decided not to swap

D16 axles: $100

D16 OEM radiator: $50

D16 alternator: $50

D16 starter: $50

Fuel rail with pressure regulator: $50

D16/D17 Stroker parts (in a bin): $100
- had plan to build a d16/d17 at one time
- bin is full of the rods, pistons and other components necessary to complete the build

JDM del Sol instrument cluster: $100
Wow, 158whp is great for an all motor D16! Can you make a thread about your build? And what killed the engine?
Wow, 158whp is great for an all motor D16! Can you make a thread about your build? And what killed the engine?

Hey phunky.buddha!

Thanks! I was a long-term project and labour of love. I was heart-broken when the motor was destroyed.The motor was amazing but I think the built transmission was the best part!

I'll make a tread about it in the appropriate forum section. I posted all of the info about my car build in another forum website (
dangg thats like 175 chp out of a dseries

It's a little more if you consider that the Dyno was done on a Mustang Dyno. Those are known to read quite low compared to other setups like the DynoJet - usually 10-15% lower. I'm going to suggest (no humility here!!) that it was closer to 180-185 to the crank. That paired with the short ratio transmission I had made it an awesome car to track. Nothing like passing a "faster" car with only 1600cc's and a single cam!