EG Brake Booster and Master Cylinder?

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alright, i know that this topic has been covered a lot already and i have searched, but my question is about the m/c and booster combo...

i have bled my brakes twice now and i switched the prop valve out to the 4040 but the pedal is very "squishy" to say the least. do i NEED to upgrade the brake booster and M/c to get the pedal to feel more like it did with the drums? The pedal travels further than it used to and i can almost reach the floor if it try...kinda scary feeling i must say

if this is the case, i found a 15/16" booster and m/c combo marked "92-95 Honda Civic 15/16" Brake Master Cylinder"

eBay Motors: Honda Civic 15/16 Brake Master Cylinder Acura Integra (item 250323487621 end time Jan-09-09 13:51:04 PST)

try not to be too harsh on me, kinda new to brakes and working with metal lines...i REALLY do not want to have to re-flair or cut or bend any new lines because i had such a B*tch time with the prop valve....

i just want some info on if a new booster would even help? all my fittings are good and i'm using synthetic brake fluid, but not stainless lines, just stock.

thanks for any help