EG brake question

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I have a 93 hatchback and I'm getting ready to put a b18c5 in I'm thinking about also doing a 98 Spec ITR 5 Lug Front & Rear Disc Brake Conversion but I'm not wanting to pay out the money for it.. Would my stock brakes be good enuff for this swap if not what should I get.. By the way I'm new to Honda's so sorry If this is confusing.
get the brakes off of a 3rd gen GSR

that will be plenty

ITR brakes can be a pain in the ass (especially when they give you the 00 ITR hubs that require special axles :( )

a GSR brake conversion with good equipment will give you more brake power than you need
E is right. It's also a very easy conversion to do. I would suggest getting the 4040 proportioning valve too and upgrading that while you are at it. That is just my personal suggestion though.

By the way, hi E! Long time no umm, E? :D